Excuse me while I hyperventilate

I had a brilliant idea for a printable pie-chart to reinforce the concept that on board the plane there will be three different “phases”. By this, I mean there will be time to get up and walk around (presuming we get to fly at least some of the way without turbulence), there will be time when you have to stay in your seats, and there will be time when you have to be extra quiet because people want to sleep.

My bright idea was to put the chart  on the back of the seat in front of us, but SGM quite rightly pointed out that there was an entertainment unit in the back of the seat. So then I thought perhaps I should take another look at the inside of the plane. Bad idea.


Economy Class Singapore Air
Economy Class Singapore Air

Those pictures are from a great article on Geek About called “Ranked: the 10 Most Comfortable Airline Economy Seats”.




24 hours.


With the Energizer Bunny.


In a tin can.


Overwhelming sense of impending doom.


So now I desperately need to know what the Italian is for “guarana, B5 and caffeine”  because I can tell now I’m going to be super Zombie Queen by the time we get to Milan.