Tots to Italy – Child friendly holiday accommodation in Italy

Tots to Italy – Child friendly holiday accommodation in Italy.

picture-42This is another fantastic site found by my SIL (mwha, mwha). I am put to shame by her ability to find these fab sites. This is exactly the site I needed when I was having a big panic about where we were going to stay in Tuscany. Of course, when I booked in Tuscany, I didn’t realise we were going to be sharing the accommodation with them. So it will be a little bit smaller than ideal. However, I have found some great places for our NEXT combined trip to Italy!!!

Ok, I have shamelessly borrowed this picture of a divine green kitchen. Look at this! How awesome is this!!!! I confess now to a weakness for very vibrant kitchens and this is delicious!!! I’ve added a link in case, like me, you urgently need to go and stay there now.

kitchen-main-pic : Italy with Kids – Home : Italy with Kids – Home.

Here’s  a great site with family friendly hotels in Florence, Rome and Milan. Loads of other useful activities like the usual Museums and restaurants but also kid specific things like playgrounds and party planning! Now that is cooking with gas! One of our kids will be celebrating his birthday while we are overseas. It’s bad enough trying to plan a birthday at home let alone in a completely new city.