If shoes were sold like airline tickets | If shoes were sold like airline tickets.

This is so true – the pricing for airline tickets varies hugely. In fact, when I was booking our tickets from Norway to the UK, I decided against flying with Ryan Air for this very reason. I nearly passed out when I looked at the list of “surcharges”.

Online Check in: £5-10 or Airport check in £10-40 per passenger!!!

Payment handling fee: £5 per passenger

Priority boarding fee: £3 per passenger

Checked baggage:  £10 first piece per passenger

Checked baggage: £20 second and their pieces per passenger

Infant Fee: £20

And all of that is without any in flight services taken into account like snacks, meals, drinks or use of headphones etc.
I decided we were better off booking the super saver flights with SAS that were all inclusive with no nasty airport surprises!