The Luggage Kart Arrived Today

It’s a more industrial beast than I had imagined. It weighs in at 3.4kg. On the bright side, it might not break the first time we get onto the plane. On the downside, the Flight Crew might dummy spit about it. 


Fully Extended Kart
Fully Extended Kart
The Kart Folded Up
The Kart Folded Up


Very sturdy looking wheels
Very sturdy looking wheels

It’s a Remin Kart-a-Bag Concorde III 

[amtap amazon:asin=B0006GCZZQ] If you read the review that goes with it – the person who bought it totally loved it but gave it two stars. Gotta love the way that happens on Amazon.

Folded up it is small enough to fit into one of our bags – as long as that bag was only about half full to start with.

Preach it Sista!

There’s a big drawback to packing only carry on luggage and here it is…

The thing I hate most about air travel. Other than the “fear of death” thing, obviously.

Ok, so I don’t have a mono-brow. But I really, really hate travelling without tweezers. I’ve been scouring the Airport, Airline and TSA websites. It looks like Melbourne Airport is still stricter than the TSA regulations. TSA will let you fly with blunt scissors – I suspect Melbourne will still confiscate anything metallic. Bah!!!

Current plan is to either buy some while in Transit in Singapore or once we get to Cannobio in Italy. First Italian phrase “do you sell tweezers” is “Non si vendono pinzetta”? Ok, cool pinzetta like pincers. Awesome, I can make crab like gestures if my Italian accent fails me (100% likelihood). More critical Italian…

Non voglio dire veramente buona pinzetta (No, I mean really good tweezers)

Hanno rubato il mio aereo (They stole mine off the plane)

Si mi piace il colore rosa brilante quelli (Yes I like the pink shiny ones)

Note to self: if I manage to find pink shiny Italian tweezers I MUST post them back to myself from the UK!!!! 

pink tweezers
not shiny but Swiss

Super shiny and sparkly pink ones here

Supermarket Smackdown

Some might call it obsessive compulsive, I prefer to call it “being prepared”. I was very pleased to find this little stash of packing goodies at my local Safeway. For sure, I knew they’d have the zip lock bags. I just bought them now in case there’s a worldwide shortage mid 2009. (Meh, ziplock bags are so 2008) That would be bad. (And I don’t think it’s rampant paranoia, the local supermarkets do seem to discontinue everything else we like). Plus I guess reading all of the airport security websites got through to my subconscious. “This is your subconscious speaking, you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed zip lock bags” (See it’s loud). Anyway, checkout the microfibre face cloths! For a fraction of the price of the ones in camping stores. Yeah, I have to admit I don’t think there’s a big weight difference between a regular flannel and a microfibre one, but in the spirit of keeping things light, and on the off chance we bump into Rick Steves and there is a packing inspection, I thought it was worth a dollar. “Epic fail: you cannot possibly have a blog on packing light when you don’t even have a microfibre face cloth”. And don’t you love the happy toothbrush covers? Seriously, that has to make for happy campers.