Parc Asterix – how can you not want to go?

The website for Parc Asterix is all in French, and as my French is a little lacking, I ran the one of the pages through the handy dandy Google-translatometer:

Gauloiseries for the whole family

One thing is certain: the Gauls have the sense of celebration. So when it comes to entertain Petibonum and their parents, Parc Astérix is small in large pots. The result is dramatic and leaves everyone Baba .. orum. At Theater of Poseidon, attend one of the finest performances of current Dolphins, where animal trainer and offers a ballet aquatix wonder that, certainly, big and small.
In good Gauls immoderation you like? So do not miss your hands on the Mona Lisa: a breathtaking spectacle that combines magnificent scenery, stunts, special effects .. An incredible show that will live as a family adventure really fantastix.
And as countries Gauls, the emotions do not expect the number of years, Parc Astérix offers several attractions like Grand Splatch wonder where feelings and make appointments to young people … but never fear them too. This is just a preview, then quickly learn other attractions to have a vision of Panoramix step in your tour de Gaule Family.

Butchered mercilessly (I think) from here:
Parc Asterix

Homeschool Creations: Traveling France

Homeschool Creations: Traveling France: Week 2.

This post has a really great collection of ideas to do with kids – no matter if you are homeschooling or not! Some great ideas for books to read as well.

The only problem with this post is that I suffer from a massive anxiety attack reading it, known as “guilt induced homeschooling inadequacy”. I read that they are doing things like making notebooking pages and putting stamps in their passports and I think “that’s so cool! We should be doing that! Why aren’t we doing that?” And then I remember that the reason we aren’t doing that, is because I’m too busy actually planning a real trip to France where they will have to use their real passports and visit the actual Eiffel tower. Guilt semi-purged.

Still – anytime this life time, I should really put together a list of the books we have read (and *ahem* DVDs we have watched) in preparation for the trip. Just don’t hold your breath… I still have to book our accommodation in France first!

The Eiffel Tower

While we are not aiming to try and see every major landmark in Europe, or frankly, the majority of them, the Eiffel Tower is one icon that has totally captivated our kids imaginations. It’s on our “MUST SEE” list. 

I was pleasantly surprised when visiting the official site for the Eiffel Tower today to see how much information they have for kids. 

There is games mini site, Hector at the Eiffel Tower.

There is an activity book that you can preview before collecting in situ.

There are copious notes for Teachers with loads of information. Very nicely presented I might add. We could do a whole unit study on the Eiffel Tower!

You can take virtual tours of the Eiffel tower and should you be lucky enough to be in Paris for Christmas and the New Year, you can see wonderful ice sculptures on the first level.