Britain really does have talent

Eurocamp: Holiday Park Videos and Campsite Videos

I remember reading once about how much British people loved watching neighbours – they were enthralled with the terrible Aussie accents, the endless sun and I suspect, the general abundance of Chavs in action.

Now I’m not a big TV watcher, and I don’t loose too much time on YouTube. But I’ve been absolutely gripped with the holiday videos on the Eurocamp website. I loooooove listening to the British accents and descriptions of what makes a great family holiday!

We are booking some of our accommodation with Eurocamp. So I’ve also been reading reviews on Trip Advisor. I’ve found that some of the negative reviews have to be taken with a large grain of salt – some of the campsite get negative reviews because of rain!!! Now, there’s not many campsites that can actually control the weather, but it does show how desperate the quest for sunshine is for many UK residents! Something that we take totally for granted here in Australia.

If you want to see more holiday videos they can also be found at:
Canvas Holidays
Siblu have podcasts

Holiday Inn & Co. Stay 2 nights, Get 1 night free

Priority Club Rewards Hotel Reservations | Stay 2, then Get 1.

This is going to work best for folks who need accommodation in June / July or who don’t mind the fact that the two nights are split from the extra night.

Celebrate Our Biggest Free Nights Offer.* Here’s how it works:
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God Bless Travelodge

The other thing that you really, really need when trying to book accommodation overseas, is a very on to it Sister-in-law like mine. She is AMAZING!!! And no, I’m not sharing. And no, there is no iphone app. LOL.

travelodge logoBecause she is brilliant, she was on the email list for Travelodge in the UK. And because she is phenomenal, when the sale started at 6am UK time, she was on the net booking stuff on our behalf. The reason this was such a big deal was that the rooms were £9 per night. That’s not per person, that’s per room. Even the family rooms which (God Bless Travelodge) sleep four were £9!!! I also tried to access the site, but the rest of the UK were also trying to book and the Travelodge site was heavily overloaded. I managed to get a few more nights and the overall result is that we have saved ourselves a bazillion dollars in accommodation in the UK. (I actually booked two family rooms per hotel as we have five of us, that’s two rooms for £18 – unbelievable).

Although most of the £9 rooms sold out in the first few hours of the sale, Travelodge still has some £19 rooms available. Still very worthwhile checking out if you need accommodation in August and September in the UK. Even the normal Travelodge rates are significantly cheaper than competitors. Sure, they lack things like character, ambience and miniscule bottles of shampoo, but when you consider that the Youth Hostels start at about £65 per night for a family room, it’s a sacrifice worth making for families on a budget.

The other thing that Travelodges don’t have is anywhere to prepare meals. However, I consider the money we saved on accommodation justifies eating out for the evening meals, instead of our usual modus operandi on holidays which is to pay the extra to book units with cooking facilities only to end up eating out anyway because we are on holiday….
(Note: Travelodges do have the option of adding on breakfasts for a price and tea and coffee making facilities). Now if only the rooms actually do look like the pictures, I’ll be really, really happy.

Tots to Italy – Child friendly holiday accommodation in Italy

Tots to Italy – Child friendly holiday accommodation in Italy.

picture-42This is another fantastic site found by my SIL (mwha, mwha). I am put to shame by her ability to find these fab sites. This is exactly the site I needed when I was having a big panic about where we were going to stay in Tuscany. Of course, when I booked in Tuscany, I didn’t realise we were going to be sharing the accommodation with them. So it will be a little bit smaller than ideal. However, I have found some great places for our NEXT combined trip to Italy!!!

Ok, I have shamelessly borrowed this picture of a divine green kitchen. Look at this! How awesome is this!!!! I confess now to a weakness for very vibrant kitchens and this is delicious!!! I’ve added a link in case, like me, you urgently need to go and stay there now.


Don’t let the Bed Bugs bite!

Apparently bed bugs are on the increase. UGH. And UGH again. Looks like we’re going to have a little routine for every room we stay in. First rule is – don’t put any luggage on the beds. Second rule is – strip the beds and look for tell tale signs. 

Here are a few links with helpful hints and photos of what to look for.

Bed Bugs on a mattress

Close up look at Bed Bugs

Checking Your Hotel for Bed Bugs 

Not so cute, huh?