Walkie Talkies: The Update

So several blue moons ago, I posted about buying walkie talkies. In fact, we didn’t end up getting new ones. We ordered from the online shop but then they didn’t have them in stock and were only offering a lower model as a replacement. The online store wasn’t that great to deal with and in the end we let the whole thing slide. Therefore, when we went to camp last term, we had to rely on our somewhat dodgy old orange and green pair of walkie talkies. We used them constantly but it was quite frustrating with the “calling” beep going off quite randomly and then not when it was needed etc.

However, now I am working my way through the list of what needs to be purchased before our big trip and we’re back to the decision about walkie talkies. Having done a bit more research, it turns out that you cannot use Australian walkie talkies in Europe. And you cannot use European walkie talkies in the USA. And you cannot use the ones from the USA in Europe or Australia and so it goes on. Therefore if you want to use walkie talkies on holiday, they need to be location specific. Here are the models we are currently considering on Amazon.co.uk


Both of these feature a larger range and a “baby monitor” option. Because there are only about 8 channels available in Europe, these models also have an additional 121 channel codes for privacy. There’s a great comparison chart for the Motorola models here:

So now the 64 million dollar question is – do we get 2 or 4? Or do we just get a couple of cheap mobile phones instead?

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