Bag Weigh In

Remembering we need 7kg per bag or less:

City Hall: 5.5kg

Beckham: 6 kg

Leonardo: 6.5 kg (after we took out the wetsuit – LOL)

SGM: 9.5kg

Me: 10.5 kg *ahem* *blush* *yes, well, um*

In my pathetic defense I do have things in there that won’t be going to Europe like a full bottle of conditioner and my heavy shoes and.. and… I’m sure there’s more heavy stuff.


The good news is – that’s four of our bags in one very small car boot / trunk. (mine was *ahem* still being packed).

Of course as we are merely going away for a week, not all the way around Europe, so we also have a huge trailer also fully loaded.


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