Supermarket Smackdown

Some might call it obsessive compulsive, I prefer to call it “being prepared”. I was very pleased to find this little stash of packing goodies at my local Safeway. For sure, I knew they’d have the zip lock bags. I just bought them now in case there’s a worldwide shortage mid 2009. (Meh, ziplock bags are so 2008) That would be bad. (And I don’t think it’s rampant paranoia, the local supermarkets do seem to discontinue everything else we like). Plus I guess reading all of the airport security websites got through to my¬†subconscious. “This is your subconscious speaking, you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed zip lock bags” (See it’s loud).¬†Anyway, checkout the microfibre face cloths! For a fraction of the price of the ones in camping stores. Yeah, I have to admit I don’t think there’s a big weight difference between a regular flannel and a microfibre one, but in the spirit of keeping things light, and on the off chance we bump into Rick Steves and there is a packing inspection, I thought it was worth a dollar. “Epic fail: you cannot possibly have a blog on packing light when you don’t even have a microfibre face cloth”. And don’t you love the happy toothbrush covers? Seriously, that has to make for happy campers.

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